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Grow the game - who are the top players?

Asked by: Abbie who is a fan

Question: Which player has been the most influential to the game?

Answer from Nick: Hi Abbie!

Thank you very much for your submission and I hope that my answer will help answer your question!

When talking about lacrosse it is so hard to pick just one player that has been influential on the game. There have been so many greats - like the Gait brothers and Powell brothers who all had great careers on the collegiate level AND the professional level. More recently, the Thompson brothers have also played at college and pro levels and brought attention to the game's traditional Native American roots and heritage. 

Every player lives by one motto and that motto is "grow the game".

In my opinion the player that has done the most for the game and has thus been the most influential to the sport of lacrosse is Paul Rabil.

Paul didn't start playing lacrosse until the age of 12 but managed to become an amazing player and by college he played for Johns Hopkins.  While Paul was at Hopkins that team won 2 National Championships.  Paul went on to play for the Boston Cannons/New York Lizards Professional teams (where he has also won numerous championships).

Where Paul has been different from other players has been his dedication to bring lacrosse into more main stream media.  Paul has really embraced social media and spent a lot of time producing videos and other products to help build enthusiasm for the sport with younger players.  Paul has also invested a lot in his clinics, camps, and foundations that he has set up to teach younger kids. Recently he gave a talk at the US Lacrosse LaxCon where he had kids from the audience come out and run drills with him.  His open attitude toward fans is typical of a lot of famous players but his willingness to make time given his 'rock star' position is really something special.

In its current stage of the game, when people think of lacrosse the first person they think of is Paul Rabil. Makes you wonder...who's going to be the next college student to rise to that kind of influence in the game? Time will tell!

Thank you for your question and keep on laxing!

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