First ever Patch of the Month - You Can't Make Shots You Don't Take!

Have a question?

Are you looking for some advice from a fellow lax player and don't know where to go?

Don't bother with any body else - just ask Nick.

Our buddy Nick is the human version of a lacrosse encyclopedia.  He's got your back on any on or off the field questions you might have about the game.

Send Nick an email at and he'll answer your question and post it in his next blog post.

BottomHand Lacrosse knows what's what.  Just ask Nick.



  • Donovan – thank you so much for your question! We shared your question and the full answer in the link below!

    Keep on laxing!

    Ask Nick
  • I’m a middie and have broken several heads over the past few years, any ideas for my next purchase?


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