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Scoring - pros get an extra point?

Asked by: Jessica who recently started to watch professional games on ESPN

Question:  How does the scoring work? I went to college games and they seemed to only score one point.  Then I saw a game on the TV and they also had two point shots.  I'm confused...

Answer from Nick: Hi Jessica!

Thank you so much for your question and I hope I can help!

Scoring in lacrosse is actually very simple. In the youth through college games, goals are scored and valued at one point each.

Around each net there is a white circle known as the crease that no offensive player is allowed in. The only player allowed to remain in the crease is the goalie himself/herself. A defensive player may run through the crease but can not stay in it.

The same rules apply to the professional game however regular goals are worth one point but in the professional game they have a two point line. Just as the name says and just like a three point line in basketball, if a player scores beyond this line then they are awarded two points instead of one.

This video has a clear visual of the two point line, especially for the second and third shots:

 This adjustment in pro rules can make for a great last minute tie or game winner!

Thank you for your submission and I hope you have a laxful day Jessica!

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