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Shooting strings for an LSM stick

Asked by: George is a player on a freshman HS team moving from defensive middie to LSM

Question: I am working on my accuracy when shooting with the long pole. I know there are different ways to string shooting strings - is there a 'best way' for LSMs? What do you recommend?

Answer from Nick: Thank you very much for your submission!

I have personal experience in both of these positions and have tried different types of stringing when playing both. When you play on the freshman team, the high school rules allow for a larger variety of stringing styles.

When shooting with a long pole it is all about shooting overhand and aiming for the bounce shot. For a long pole I would recommend using two shooter strings: one that goes across the top and the other that is strung in a V shape. When stringing the V you would want to start lower down on the side of the head and continue the up and through pattern going up. Pick a row of 10 on the mesh and put the corner of the V on the two middle diamonds and then continue down. When stringing the top string count three rows down from the very top of the head and continue to go across.

These two strings, set on a long pole, with the V shaped string as described will help create that accurate shooting style you are aiming for. The V string will force the ball when coming out to be channeled into the center of the pocket and fire precisely while the top string will allow you to keep a good amount of control.

Use these stringing styles and you should produce an accurate and precise shot with a long pole.

Good luck with the season and thank you for your question!

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