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What got you hooked on Lacrosse?

Asked by: Dan a Senior Attackman at UNE

Question: What got you into lacrosse initially, and what kept you hooked?

Answer from Nick: Hi Dan,

Thanks for your question on BottomHand Lax! Congrats on your senior year at UNE, its the best year of your career and I hope you and your team have a great season.

I got into lacrosse my sophomore year of high school. I was looking for a new sport to try and I found lacrosse even though I had no idea what it was. My friends let me borrow a stick and some pads and I just fell in love with it.

I loved playing whether it be out on the field or just listening to some music playing some wall ball. The more I learned about the sport and the more I watched videos and practiced - well, lacrosse just became a part of me as my arm or leg is! My family and friends were very supportive of me and helped pushed me to be the best I can be, which led me to have a great collegiate career with some of the best guys in the world.

I knew from the second I picked up a stick I was hooked. Everything about the sport I just loved  - from the history to the pro leagues. What really keeps me hooked is how versatile the sport is. You don't need an ideal body type because there is a position for everyone and that continues on for those who want to play it on a big stage whether it be college or pro or even international.

I also just loved the creativity of the sport. In other sports there is a certain way to do something but in lacrosse you can be your own player and develop your own style that only you know and can change the game forever. It is that creativity and versatility that has me hooked seven years later but still feel like I am that kid that picked up an old stick for the first time.

Thank you for your question Dan. Always remember, whether you are a youth, high school, college, professional, or even international, we are all students of the game. We are breaking down walls to find new ones to conquer. Always be a student of the game because it has so much more to teach us.

Thank you for question and I wish you and UNE an awesome season this coming spring!

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