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What lax stick heads are good for middies?

Asked by: Donovan a middie

Question: I’m a middie and have broken several heads over the past few years, any ideas for my next purchase?

Answer from Nick: Hi Donovan,

Thank you for your question! Midfield is a very tough position to play because it is so versatile  - you need to be able to play both offense and defense.

Going through a career in lacrosse you will go through many heads because they just get worn down or aren't as tough for the level of play which can be frustrating - especially if you are on a budget!

When shopping for a lacrosse head for midfield play, the first thing you need to ask is "do you like playing defense or offense more?"

If you are a defensive midfield guy than I would suggest a head with hold but is wide for scooping up ground balls. I would recommend a Maverik head like the Centrik. These heads are increasingly durable and can withstand checks and hits. They also are wide enough for scooping through and picking up loose ground balls.

Now if you are playing offensive midfield, then heads you should look into are ones like STX Stallion or Nike Lakota heads. The stallion is ideal for offensive midfields because of it being a little more narrow but perfect for dodging and running through checks with it being so durable. The Nike Lakota heads are purely for offense and for midfielders in the offensive end it provides stability and durability when shooting and has great accuracy for aiming for the corners from ten yards out. 

I hope this helps Donovan! Good luck in the up coming season and keep on laxing!

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