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What makes a goalie stick a goalie stick?

Asked by: Taylor a lacrosse fan

Question: What is the difference between a goalie's stick and a player's stick?

Answer from Nick: Hi Taylor! 

Thanks for your question and I hope my answer helps you with understanding the difference!


For reference, a regular lacrosse stick is about three feet long and has a smaller more pinched head. The pinched head is used for shooting and running up and down the field. The mesh has about ten diamonds going across and is strung to have a pocket for cradling the ball. I'm sure you've noted that a regular stick is much smaller when compared to a goalie's stick. 

Now a goalie stick is much different from this. The first noticeable difference is that the head is much bigger which makes sense since it is used for stopping and saving shots from the goal. A goalie's stick needs to be wide enough that the goalie has chance at reacting to a shot.

A goalie stick stick can vary between three to four feet in length. This is completely based on personal preference of the goalie. A goalie is stick is also much heavier than a normal stick because of the size of the head.   It also ends up being top heavy. The goalie mesh is wider and so it has 20 diamonds in a row going across. The wider mesh is still strung so the stick has a pocket that ball can sit in when it is shot at top speed.

I hope this helps with the difference and always keep on laxing!

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