First ever Patch of the Month - You Can't Make Shots You Don't Take!

Who's Nick?

You don't know Nick? Of course you do.

Nick's that guy in your lax community that knows the game like NO ONE ELSE you've ever met. 

  • He knows the rule book, for EACH LEVEL OF PLAY
  • He knows the stats on NCAA teams, NLL teams, MLL teams AND local HS teams
  • He knows the best equipment choices for youth versus 'old man pick up games'
  • He knows the signals the NCAA coaches use to call a 'ten man ride'
  • He knows that the best players hone stick skills on the wall during winter
  • He know LACROSSE.

This is the guy who knows everything there is to know and he's here to help you out.

We have asked Nick to be our dedicated resource for our customers.  He's  here to answer every kind of lacrosse question you can throw at him.

Give it a try.  We PROMISE Nick won't let you down.